about us

We are an award-winning studio of game lovers and VR/AR experts with passion and heart. Since 2014, we have already developed and published games and gained over 3 millions players worldwide. Our mission is to provide best quality of games to all gamers on mobile platforms. Please feel free to leave your feedback.


Our MissionDevelop best casual games for most gamers

We have mainly two lines of products: Mobile Games & VR/AR Training System

We are eager to develop best games for mobile market and tailor-make best affordable VR/AR education system for schools, NGOs and organizations.

Our games target mainly mobile casual users with best user-friendly design.


Our VisionThink further to make perfection

To make global and casual gamers to enjoy Trèfle 's games in any place during any moment.

To make learning become more attractive and comprehensive by immersive interactive technology.


Our Culture Technology is our foundation of success

We treasure innovative technology and creativity.

This value brings to our products and services that we do our best to develop best games and services for our gamers and clients.

our Platforms

We develop games for Android & iOS and Nintendo Switch. For getting our games, please visit our Facebook for latest news.
Also, we provide our tailor-made VR/AR training system for enterprises, NGOs and organizations.


Here are some samples of our developed games and VR/AR system for your reference.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for any feedback about our games or require any services for VR/AR game/training system. We are glad to help you here. You are also welcome to visit our Facebook/Instagram for latest updates/news.

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Unit 7, 11/F, CRE CENTRE,
Phone: (+852) 2321 8220
Fax: (+852) 2321 8845
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